Zuma Café Show with Mircea Oprea
A Conversation With David Roth

A Conversation With David Roth

March 21, 2021

Join me, Mircea Oprea, your host on Zuma Café as I have a conversation with David Roth, head of the Theater Department for Westport, Connecticut's own Staples High School. We talk about Al Pia, Craig Matheson, Joe Ziegahn, Judy Luster, Staples Players, teaching theater, getting parents and the community involved, and putting on performances before, during and hopefully soon after our national pandemic. I haven't talked to David since our High School graduation so many years ago, but have been loosely following his career since he took over the Theater Department at my alma mater Staples High School 21 years ago. We talk about how and when he took over as Theater Director, who and what were his inspirations, how he does it so well and what the future holds for Staples Players.

For pictures and more links please go to the Zuma Café Show's A Conversation with David Roth.

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